Maria Arbulu, PhD, MBA

Partner & Senior Consultant



  • PhD in Analytical Chemistry specialising in omic sciences, University of the Basque Country
  • Executive MBA, Mondragon University


Maria joined BHV Partners as Partner & Senior Consultant in 2020.

She has extensive experience in assessing drug discovery, medical technology, nutrition and bioinformatics projects. She has founded two biotechnology companies, Prospero BioSciences and Idomics Biotech, and is CEO of Emissary.

Throughout her career, she has held several roles as Scientific Director and in business management in start-ups in the healthcare sector. She has also worked as an investment analyst for different funds like Unirisco SCR.

She undertook her postdoc in nanotechnology at CIC nanoGUNE, the Basque Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center.

BHV Partners - Maria Arbulu