BHV Partners and Nela BioDynamics sign an agreement of collaboration

January 27, 2020

BHV Partners and Nela BioDynamics, a young start-up specialized in the design and development of new orthopedic and trauma surgery devices, have signed an agreement of collaboration.

José Expósito Ollero, CEO and cofounder, says “We are very happy to have the opportunity of benefit from the expertise of BHV professionals, with their impulse and know-how we will have the necessary strength and muscle to have our innovative medical device soon in the market.”

Marta Príncep, CEO of BHV Partners, says “We are thrilled to become partners with Nela BioDynamics, a young start-up with a very innovative orthopedic product and an extraordinary potential within the medical devices sector.”

Nela Biodynamics is a healthcare start-up originated in Valencia with the impulse of Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Incliva/VLC Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria and Universidad de Valencia. One of its disruptive products is an innovative endomedular implant which dramatically improves the success of hip operations and post-operation recuperation, reducing the usual associated risks to this kind of implants.

BHV Partners will support Nela Biodynamics CEO on the overall corporate strategy, the funding and the technological development.