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From lab to market

BHV Partners identifies top research and technology from universities, hospitals and research centres to build market-driven start-ups that offer solutions to unmet medical needs. We currently have a portfolio of 7 start-ups valued at €23 million and two more in process, scheduled to launch in 2024.

Our main hallmark is to become partners with the founding teams of the start-ups, establishing a long-term relationship (pre-seed, seed, growth, expansion and exit phases) with the aim to ensure the strategy of the business, reducing risks and increasing success.

We have walked the path of entrepreneurship. Look to include first-hand expertise and together we will define the best strategy at a technological, corporate and funding level. We have a hands-on approach to working with the scientific team throughout the life cycle of the start-up, preparing it to grow and become attractive to investors and corporates.

YOUr BENEFITS. why choose us?

For Entrepreneurs

  • A team with global experience as entrepreneurs, scientists and businesses, each with up to 25 years of experience in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Long-term partnership, from the idea to exit.
  • Establish the business strategy as board members and/or CEO positions.
  • Hands-on approach to fundraising strategy and technological roadmap.
  • Identify and limit project risks.
  • Accelerate growth by professionalising operational activities and the team.
  • Network of contacts. BHV Partners has more than 70 partners and senior experts, mainly in Spain, the USA, Denmark, Israel and Switzerland.
  • Communications & PR for launching the start-up.

For Investors

  • Invest in highly professionalised start-ups led by experienced entrepreneurs of the BHV Partners team.
  • Buy to build start-ups that meet the investors’ criteria.
  • Invest in start-ups with diminished risk, achieving higher value fast.
  • Work with start-ups with board members aligned to the investors’ needs.
  • For those investors not specialised in health, BHV Partners offers a soft landing on a strategic economic sector with sustained growth that demands highly specific knowledge to become successful.


Status: venture builders  🚀


Digital health solutions based on artificial intelligence to treat mental health

Biel Glasses

First smart glasses to improve mobility for people with low vision

Conus Airway

Medical devices to improve anaesthesia and respiratory surgery

MATCH biosystems

Dx solutions for infectious diseases in critically ill patients and sepsis

Status: partners

Adan Medical

Medical technology solutions for severe allergic reactions

Nela Biodynamics

Next generation of orthopaedic surgical devices

Status: investors

Vincle Capital

Investors club that promotes the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Levante area, Spain, led by UMH Scientific Park and Alicante Scientific Park.


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