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BHV Partners - Consultancy healthcare

From your idea to reality, we help you to build your dream

BHV Partners offers strategy and specialised consultancy services in healthcare for Tech Transfer Offices of research centres and hospitals, entrepreneurs and start-ups, the biomedical industry, and funds (VC and family offices).

Our team, with more than 25 years of know-how and experience in the sector, works closely with an international network of 70 senior experts according to the specific needs of each project.

We add value thanks to our long track record:

  • In setting up business: corporate needs, legal, IP, marketing and financial.
  • In deep-technology and science: research in pharmaceutical, medical devices, IVD, digital health, etc.
  • In creating and working with Tech Transfer Offices of research centres and hospitals.

If you are looking to successfully progress with your project, count on us to collaborate on:

YOUr BENEFITS. why choose us?

For Researchers

You will:

  • Quickly focus your project on the right pathway, because we have done it many times before.
  • Position your project with the right partners, because we have an extensive network of senior contacts to put at your disposition.
  • Avoid failures, because we know where the risks are and will work to prevent them.
  • Improve your grants application success, because we will prepare you and create a technology deck.

For Tech Transfer Offices

You will:

  • Improve the feasibility of transferring your technology, because we can provide specialised portfolio analysis reports.
  • Improve the licensing ratios, because we can support your team to prepare and negotiate.
  • Increase the number of successful spin-offs, because we can help in the incorporation of the start-ups and provide Interim CEOs.
  • Increase your researchers’ awareness about entrepreneurship, because we can train and educate them.

For Start-ups

You will:

  • Make your company move forward, because we will prepare the strategy with you.
  • Convince funds to invest in you, because we will help you deliver the best pitch, business plan and deck for your project.
  • Increase your efficiency, because we will work on your operations and team-building.
  • Find the right partners, because we have an extensive network of corporate key people who are open to listening to you.

For Biomedical industry

You will:

  • Count on scouting and screening of opportunities.
  • Have a due-dilligence and investment valuation.
  • A true innovation consultancy.
  • Build to buy start-ups (see our venture builder).

For Funds

You will:

  • Invest with experienced professionals from the healthcare sector.
  • Increase successful investment rate by decreasing intrinsic risks.
  • Our background helping investors with previous bad experiences in investing.
  • Our work in scouting for and building start-ups according to the VC investment criteria.
  • Senior executives as interim managers and board members of the portfolio companies.


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