BHV Partners prepares to expand its portfolio of startups

February 17, 2022

BHV Partners launched its second capital increase at the end of 2021. The round, of 0.5M euros, is covered at 70%, a good part thanks to the renewed trust of the current partners; the rest with the incorporation of new investors, including scientists, entrepreneurs, business angels, professionals from the technology sector and managers from the pharmaceutical world.

“We are very happy with the response of our current partners and with the arrival of new partners,” says Marta Príncep, Managing Director of BHV Partners. “Throughout 2021, BHV Partners has continued to grow and select new opportunities. The pandemic has highlighted that the health sector is key from both a social and economic point of view and is registering significant growth in Catalonia and Spain”.

The companies participated by BHV Partners have continued to advance towards the market with their projects and to gain notoriety and recognition:

Aimentia, which offers an artificial intelligence platform specialized in mental health, was included among the 10 startups with the greatest potential in the Digital Health sector in Spain. As a result of the pandemic, Aimentia has seen an exponential increase in its demand, and it has been especially active in initiatives related to Covid 19, reaching several agreements with mental health services in 2021.

BHV Partners became a shareholder and took on interim CEO duties at Adan Medical, which develops anaphylaxis devices, which successfully closed a financing round that has led to the signing of its first distribution agreement and the initiation of a pilot test in five schools in Manresa (Barcelona).

Biel Glasses, which is developping a smart glasses for people with low vision, will start retail sales in Spain and Denmark. In 2021, the company achieved several significant milestones, including the start of commercialization in pilot projects; an agreement with Mobile World Capital and i2Cat to explore future mobility solutions for the visually impaired; and recognition with several international awards, including the European Patient Digital Health Award.

In 2021, BHV Partners has also significantly increased its projects, collaborations with research centers, universities and transfer networks, and has a very high rate – 60% – of acceptance of proposals.

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