Marta Príncep to moderate ‘Dona i Indústria’ symposium

October 25, 2019

Marta Príncep, Managing Partner of BHV Partners, together with Jordi Naval, director of Biocat, were the moderators of the round tables of Dona i Indústria symposium organised by IQS Tech Factory and Sant Quirze del Vallès City Council, Barcelona.

Given the presence of women in the industrial sector, currently 28.6% in Catalonia and 24.6% in Spain, the participants called for measures to establish gender-balanced teams.

At the round table moderated by Marta Príncep, four accomplished women scientists and entrepreneurs, Talia Bonmati from Dinbeat, Estela Pacheco from Sonicat, Maria Fatima Lucas from Zymvol and Ainhoa Tolentino from Onyriq commented on these topics:

  • How did you choose a scientific/technological career? What was your motivation? And which were your references? Were you driven to science or were there family referents? How did your environment react when you chose the science track?

  • Relationship with your bosses – colleagues – collaborators, how has it been? In matters of leadership, have you noticed any differences? Have you encountered paternalism?

  • What made you create your own company? How do you choose and create a team?