Marta Príncep to speak at ‘BioFuture meets you’ of the Young European Biotech Network

October 29, 2019

Marta Príncep, CEO & Co-Founder of BHV Partners, has been one of the four speakers at Biofuture meets you. This inspirational talk was organized by the Young European Biotech Network (YEBN) and the Students Association of the Pharmacy Faculty at the University of Barcelona.

Marta approached these topics, which are key to any entrepreneur:

  • Capacity to adapt and always keep learning.
  • Characteristics of the future entrepreneur, students, young professionals.
  • The importance of the personal branding in such a competitive context.
  • Best way to reach professionals = the art of networking.
  • Top tips for pitch your project to investors.
  • How to start reaching investors.
  • The different stages of fundraising.
  • How do the investors think.